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Fu Lei, nurse of vascular surgery, Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University

Arteriosclerotic occlusive disease is a common disease of peripheral vascular system in middle-aged and elderly people, which not only affects health, but also brings a lot of inconvenience to the life of patients, such as intermittent claudication when walking. In addition to receiving active treatment, patients can often do three kinds of exercise in the hospital or at home to help loosen the "stiff" blood vessels.

Take a walk. This is one of the most suitable exercises for patients with arteriosclerotic obliterans, and long-term persistence can help relieve intermittent claudication. The speed and time of walking can be determined according to the patient's physical condition, and the activity can be stopped immediately if the pain is sensed. Also, don't exercise for too long at first.

Ride a bike. If the patient's physical condition permits, he can choose to ride a bicycle, mainly to exercise the lower limbs and enhance the strength of the leg muscles. This aerobic exercise also helps to establish collateral circulation, thereby reducing limb ischemia caused by stenosis or occlusion of trunk blood vessels.

The Berge movement. If the patient is seriously ill, in bed or unable to walk stage, Berge exercise is a more appropriate way of exercise. This exercise is mainly carried out in bed, and the patient needs to raise one limb and hold it for two or three minutes; Sit on the edge of the bed, legs naturally droop, ankle rotation for 5 minutes, and then lie flat for 3 minutes rest; The horizontal hook foot and ankle pump exercises are repeated 5 to 10 times. Exercise 3 times a day can promote blood circulation and prevent muscle atrophy.

In addition to the exercise methods described above, patients can also do aerobic exercises such as swimming, Taijiquan, gymnastics, which are relatively soothing and conducive to improving the body's ischemia symptoms. Patients should exercise gradually, gradually increase the amount of exercise and time, but can not carry out strenuous activities, otherwise it is easy to cause ischemia and hypoxia of the body, resulting in aggravated disease.▲


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