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Prevent arteriosclerosis, eat more of these 4 kinds of food or can restore blood vessel elasticity, may wish to try

      Arteriosclerosis is one of the most common problems in cardiovascular medicine, although the progress of this disease is slow, but the degree of harm is very high, if it is not paid attention to, over time, it may even lead to vascular blockage, coronary heart disease, cerebral infarction and other serious diseases.


  This is the case, we must pay more attention to, if the recent period of inexplicable appear dizziness, headache, chest tightness and other symptoms, it is likely to be arteriosclerosis arrived, At this time, in addition to seeing a doctor as soon as possible, you should also eat more of the following four foods, which may be able to restore blood vessel elasticity.

1. Buckwheat

  Buckwheat is a coarse grain, when it comes to suffering from arteriosclerosis, why do you eat this kind of food, the main reason is that buckwheat is rich in a variety of beneficial ingredients for the human body,For example, unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid, chlorophyll and other substances, all have the effect of softening blood vessels and increasing blood vessel elasticity.

  Therefore, we may wish to replace part of the staple food with buckwheat, so as to prevent the disease from becoming more and more serious.

2. Eggplant

  Eggplant is one of the most common vegetables in everyday life, and despite its great taste and vascular protective properties,

  Because eggplant contains a lot of vitamins,Vitamin E and vitamins, in particular, have the effect of lowering serum cholesterolAt the same time, it can also enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, and ultimately prevent the continuous development of arteriosclerosis.

  However, because eggplant is relatively strong oil absorption, it is best to blanch and then fry, or use steaming.

3. Tomatoes

  Tomatoes, also known as tomatos, are a particularly tasty fruit that not only goes well with eggs and other ingredients, but can also be eaten raw.

  Especially after suffering from arteriosclerosis, people should eat more tomatoes,The main reason is that the vitamin content is high, and the vitamin has the effect of antioxidant scavenging free radicalsIf you insist on eating, you can ensure that the elasticity of the blood vessels is getting stronger and stronger.

  In addition, the latest study found that the yellow jelly-like juice around tomato seeds contains P3, which can prevent platelet aggregation.

4. Cucumber

  If you want to relieve arteriosclerosis problems, cucumber is also a very good choice,Because cucumbers contain a lot of vitamin E, it not only has antioxidant effects;

  It also helps with nervous system development and improves platelet function,It has a very good effect on preventing arteriosclerosis and anti-aging.

     In fact, in addition to the above several foods can enhance blood vessel elasticity, celery and carrots are also a good choice. All in all, if the arteriosclerosis problem occurs, the patient will have a number of abnormal physical manifestations, such as head dizziness, pain, breathing difficulties and so on; Even if you notice only one, you should pay attention to it, see a doctor as soon as possible, and eat more foods that can restore blood vessel elasticity.

      In addition, the arteriosclerosis detector independently developed by Hefei Zhongke Broshare Technology Co., Ltd. has complete independent intellectual property rights of artery stiffness, artery obstruction and heart function detection instrument. The instrument uses synchronous compression to measure the blood pressure of the limbs non-invitingly, while recording and analyzing the pulse wave shape of the limbs arteries in real time, and extracts the characteristic information that characterizes the blood vessel elasticity by using waveform analysis technology. A number of indexes including anklebrachial index (ABI), brachial malleolar artery pulse wave velocity (baPWV), myocardial viability rate (SEVR), left cardiac load index (SPTI) were calculated, and automatic analysis and comprehensive evaluation were carried out through database data to evaluate cardiac function and blood vessel health as well as the degree of lower limb artery occlusion. It provides a comprehensive objective basis for the early diagnosis of arteriosclerosis and the early screening of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


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