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China Science and Technology Bureau was invited to participate in the comprehensive academic annual meeting organized by the China Association for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities

       May 21, 2023 is the 33rd "National Disability Assistance Day". The China Disabled Persons' Rehabilitation Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) held the 2023 Comprehensive Academic Annual Meeting at the Beijing Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center. As a concurrent event of the China Disabled Persons' Federation's "2023 China International Welfare Expo and China International Rehabilitation Expo", the academic annual meeting will play an important role in promoting professional and technical exchanges in disability prevention and rehabilitation, and assisting the high-quality development of disability rehabilitation. Researcher Chen Yanyan, General Manager of the company, and Xu Yubing, Deputy General Manager, were invited to participate as members of the Medical Device Clinical Trial Quality Management Professional Committee.

      Through the exchange of this academic annual meeting, it will play a positive role in promoting enterprises to strengthen their own construction, improve the quality of device clinical trials, and expand their influence in the industry.


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